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High Technology in a Portable Air Cooler
How it Works – Hydro Cooling Technology
The secret lies in hydrocool technology. An evaporative cooling filter is used, which draws in hot air and instantly transforms it into cool, refreshing air sufficient to keep the whole room pleasant and cool day and night. Fast Cooler Pro consumes only a fraction of the energy and saves money.
Fast Cooler Pro Cools to the Core
Regular Fans just move hot air around. Fast Cooler Pro can even keep a popsicle from meting at room temperature.
Fast Cooler Pro can even be used outdoors. It’s Perfect for camping trips.
Fast Cooler Pro delivers targeted zone cooling power. So, you’re not wasting energy and money cooling areas you’re not even in.

Hear Why Happy Customers LOVE
"When I’m cooking in the kitchen, I always make sure to have my fast cooler pro right nest to me. It keeps me cool and comfortable.  I love it."
– Meggy  j.
"Our air conditioner broke down and we just didn’t have the money to replace it.  We got ourselves a fast Cooler Pro and it work in every room not matter where we are.  It gets the air cool and it stays cool."
– Robert R.
"With My old air conditioner I used to wake up with a stuffy nose and my throat was sore all the time because of the dry air.  I love my Fast Cooler Pro Because it humidifies the air so I wake up feeling fantastic and wonderfully refreshed."
– Joyce G.

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Full Price £39.98 + £2.95 P&P